Recent Videos

by Kent Willams

These videos have been shot by by Kent Willams over the past 2-3 years while operating on Otis' layout. They are published on youtube and offered here for your enjoyment.

Cab Forward Action on the SP Shasta Route (November 2016)
Shasta Daylight SP Shasta Route (November 2016) Version 2
Shasta Daylight SP Shasta Route (November 2016)
SP Shasta Route Scenes (November 2016)
Railfannng Grass Lake Turn (March 2009)


"Redding to Dunsmuir" on Timetable ( Nov 2008)

"Shasta Route Helpers" (HD - May 2009):


The Following videos were done in lower quality

Shasta Daylight (June 2008)
Extra 4137 on Shasta Subdivision (June 2008)

"Working the Dunsmuir Engine Facility"
(Aug 2007)
"Eastbound Reefer Block, North Coast Perishable" (Aug 2007)




"East Bound Scoot, #328" (Aug 2007)

"The Scoot Revisited" (June 2008)