Historical Photographs

Unless otherwise stated, the historic photographs reflected on this website, are re-printed with the kind permission of Robert Morris, Dunsmuir, CA. The photographs, in large part, are demonstrative of the area and era being modelled.

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Mt. Shasta Station

This photograph is of the Mt. Shasta passenger station.

Leaf Station

This rare photograph is of the station at Leaf which was the interchange point between the Long Bell Lumber Company and the Southern Pacific RR.

Dunsmuir turntable

AC-7 #4152 approaching the Dunsmuir turntable.


In the year being modelled, the Shasta Division was under Computerized Traffic Control (CTC) from Redding to Black Butte, CA. This photo is of the CTC machine as operated at that time from an office adjacent to the Dunsmuir passenger station.
Mallet Sheds

Mallet Sheds built specifically to service cab forward locomotives, with "F" unit diesels waiting patiently for the opportunity to assume primary operations over the Division.
Buildings at Small

An extremely rare shot of Southern Pacific buildings at Small.
Sacramento River

The Sacramento river showing its destructive power at the rear of the Dunsmuir roundhouse.

Freight House

Dunsmuir freight house.
Freight House

Dunsmuir freight house, looking South (railroad West)
Black Butte Station

This photograph shows the Black Butte station and train order board. This station was demolished as a result of a locomotive derailment.
Grass Lake Station

This photograph shows the station at Grass Lake which was the highest point of the Division. A "Y" at this location provided a means of turning around helper locomotives for their Westbound return to Dunsmuir.