Train Room Construction
Phase 2

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Train room & garage floor rebar

Facing towards East, studs going up

Another view facing  towards the East

Studs going up around the garage

More studs around the garage

Garage floor pouring started

Pouring continues for garage

Train room walls strapped in place

More train room walls going up

Train Room trusses before placement

Lots of Train Room roof trusses

And even more Train Room trusses

Train room roof trusses in place

"O" Gauge, man on laser cut roof

The roof delivery truck arrives

Trusses are being unloaded

Trusses being lowered into place

More truss construction pictured

Still more truss construction

Definitely a narrow work platform

Train Room ahead. All aboard

Last climb to the train room

Train Room from Crew Lounge

Crew Lounge, area of workroom

Crew Lounge and the workroom

Crew Lounge and Dispatcher area

Long Bell Lumber Co - In & Out

Roof const. near court yard

Windows & tarpaper going up

The one and only Train Room intrusion

Have we got some roof tile!