Train Room Construction
Phase 1

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 Just a cow pasture back then

Future site of the Shasta Route

Our empty lot facing the East

The empty lot towards East

Ground breaking, May 2001

A nice day for ground breaking

Lower cement piers placed

Lower level grading takes place

The Pier & Foundation trench

Building construction facing South

Garage and Train Room area

Rebar for the  pier construction

Lots of pier pouring has begun

Pier pouring continues

Lower level foundation

Gravel for our Hopper loads 

Framing for upper level foundations
Lots of floor trusses to build with

Rail for my hand laying project

Here are the lower floor trusses

More of the lower level trusses

Loads for our many flat cars

The garage area being graded

The Son of the Superintendent

The man known as "Cad Boy"

No Name Round Robin Group

No Name Round Robin Group

No Name Round Robin Group

Garage and Train Room piers

Garage and Train Room piers

The view facing towards the East